shutterstock_1430330882Wooden flooring offers a range of benefits for both domestic and commercial settings in comparison to other floor coverings which are important to be aware of.

We were encouraged to revive this route hardwood flooring at Hull; it was covered for many years and on our initial consultation, our customer was unsure of the outcomes that could be possible through wood flooring restoration.

We took the time to go over options with respect to our state-of-the-art clutter free floor renovation procedure that we can offer and the several types of timber finishes that are suited to commercial surroundings.

The before and after pictures pay testament to the true transformation which may be completed with careful recovery of hardwood flooring .

Our customer was aware of the benefits of hardwood flooring so was ecstatic with the results. The advantages include;

  • A fantastic quality hardwood flooring is very long-lasting. They can even improve with age together with consciousness and comprehension of regular maintenance.
  • Wood floors are more hygienic than other floor coverings. This is particularly important in a commercial property; carpets harbour a range of dirt, parasites and bacteria which could be harmful to those with allergies.
  • Engineered flooring may be revived ; this course of action is quick, efficient and cost-effective also will create the most incredible outcomes.
  • There’s a massive selection of wood flooring; this usually means they are available to match a selection of budgets.
  • Another advantage of hardwood floors is that it provides timeless aesthetic appeal. A cared-for hardwood flooring looks beautiful in any setting and this, coupled with the reality it is durable and durable means that it’s a brilliant alternative for both domestic and industrial properties.

If you would like request further information on our floor sanding services we invite you to call today on 01727 400 115.



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